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Technical Resources

Release Liners 101 Whitepaper

A Comprehensive Guide to Release Liners 101

Flatbed Die Cutting

Foams & Elastomers 101

One-way degassing coffee valve with filter

The Importance of a Coffee Valve

A Comprehensive Guide to Die Cutting vs. Laser Cutting


Clean Room Manufacturing

Multi-Station Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Rotary vs. Flatbed Die Cutting

One-way degassing valves / coffee valves for coffee bags

One-Way Degassing Systems

Tips for Selecting a Manufacturer

PLITEK® Guide to Custom Film Extrusion

Adhesive strength peel tester

Peel Strength Test

Intricate part produced with laser cutting

Laser Cutting

PLITEK® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified global converting leader.