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Peel Strength Test Methods

Peel strength testing is an important aspect of material testing, particularly in industries such as packaging and adhesives. The peel strength of an adhesive is the force per unit width required to separate the tape from a surface to which it has been bonded under controlled conditions.

There are many different test methods available. The method utilized is dependent upon degree of peel angle, contact time, application pressure, temperature, peel rate, face-stock material. Standardized methods compare and test pressure sensitive adhesives. Examples include: ASTM 3330M, PSTC-101, AFERA 4001, ASTM D1000, ISO11339:2010, Plitek-QA-014, Plitek-QA-128 and many more.

Selecting The Best Test Method

The method to use is generally defined by the conditions of preparation such as width of the sample, film to which it is applied, roller weight and speed, and time delay before testing including accelerated aging techniques. Peel testing angles are mainly 90 degree and 180 degrees with variations such as T-peel for flexible films and rigid plates of stainless steel or high-density polyethylene. A T-peel test is the process of pulling apart films at 180 degrees from each other with the joined region at 90 degrees forming a T shape.

Test speed of removal is an important parameter as some tapes must perform at high speeds and the test method must evaluate relevant performance. This is particularly important with release liners, since peel can increase at a higher speed resulting in web line break. By exploring the different processes available for testing peel strength, engineers at PLITEK® can optimize testing procedures. In addition, we are able to monitor for the best quality of materials.

In order to obtain accurate and reliable results, it is essential to choose the appropriate test method for the type of adhesive and substrate. The testing process is meticulously completed under controlled conditions to ensure consistency, reproducibility, and quality.

Providing customers with accurate and reliable results remains a top commitment at PLITEK®. With our testing methods, we can help evaluate the peel strength of your products and ensure their durability and reliability.

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