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Packaging & Fulfillment

Our packaging and fulfillment services help streamline sourcing and distribution processes and offer solutions tailored to customer specific requirements. We package the product per the customer’s specification or help design a solution that fits the requirements. Products can be shipped in a single or multiple release quantities. Additionally, we can blind ship and drop ship directly to the distributor or end user.

Packaging Capabilities

  • In-line pouching (heat-sealed and cold sealed)
  • Top/bottom printing registration of pouch materials
  • Boxing (automated forming and gluing)
  • Lot and date coding of pouch materials and boxes
  • Instruction insertion (IFU’s)
  • Seal strength testing (integrity and strength)
  • Custom secondary packaging
  • Packaging for efficient sterilization
  • ISO Class 8 clean room packaging

Boxes: Retail (Primary)

  • Printed or unprinted
  • Automated forming and gluing
  • Lot and date code printing on specific regions of box
  • Loaded with IFU’s (Instructions for use) during packaging
  • Testing and validation of box seal strength
  • Tamper proof label for product security
  • Shrink wrapping for protection of product

Pouches and Bags

  • Printed to your specification (multiple colors available)
  • Ability to register top and bottom art-work for two side pouch printing
  • Lot and date code printed
  • Heat or cold sealed
  • PLITEK® can test and validate seal strength
  • ISO Class 8 packaging rooms
  • Added notch or perforation for ease of opening
  • Ability to add PLI-VALV® degassing valves or vents
  • Types of pouches: Tyvec™, paper, poly, foil, clear, and barrier

Boxes: Shippers (Secondary)

  • Custom sizes and printing
  • Blind shipment options


PLITEK® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified global converting leader.