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PLI-VALV Degassing Valves

PLI-VALV® Package Degassing Systems

One-way degassing valves and vents for a range of packaging types and sizes

Mini valve for coffee

PLI-VALV® Package Degassing Systems

Mini valves for fractional packaging

One-way degassing valve with filter

PLI-VALV® Package Degassing Systems

Filtered valves for ground products

PLI-VALV® Package Degassing Systems

Metalized valves for metalized packaging

valve applicator

PLI-VALV® Applicator Systems

• Semi-automatic • Intermittent • Continuous motion

PLITEK® manufactures one-way degassing valves and vents for a wide range of product packaging applications including coffee, pet food, vitamins, fruits and vegetables, products with yeast, and other products requiring gas and head space gas evacuation from sealed packaging. PLI-VALV® one-way degassing valves and vents enable head-space gases from inside of sealed packaging to escape while providing an effective barrier to environmental oxygen, moisture, and contamination keeping products intact and preserving its quality.  

With billions used worldwide, PLI-VALV® one-way degassing valve technology effectively releases internal gas build-up while sealing-out environmental oxygen, moisture, and contaminants. What’s more, PLI-VALV® vent technology efficiently evacuates air required for packaging and palletizing. 

We design, manufacture, install and service valve applicator systems for our customers. PLI-VALV® applicator systems are installed on existing or new vertical or horizontal form fill seal equipment. Our applicators can apply from 50 to 300+ valves per minute, making it an efficient degassing solution. In order to truly understand the issues our customers face when packaging their product, we replicate their processes to better understand their unique requirements and challenges.  For instance, we have a small coffee roaster where we over roast green coffee to achieve highest levels of CO2 off-gassing. Coffee is immediately ground and packed into premade bags with a PLI-VALV® one-way degassing valve. Our engineering and quality teams then conduct a series of tests to validate the performance of each valve.

PLI-VALV Package Degassing Valve System

Why PLI-VALV® Technology?

With 30+ years of industry leadership in proven degassing valve technology, over 400 million valves produced annually, and worldwide customer base PLI-VALV® degassing systems offer a reliable degassing solution to your packaging. 

Our patented PLI-VALV® technology combined with valve applicator systems, and USA manufacturing means we are your one-stop shop. The result: less risk and an enormous time saver. 

We have designed and engineered every component in our PLI-VALV® line to be reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Pre-Oiled and Mechanically Oiled

One-Way Degassing Valves and Vents

Part Number: PV-52
Clear mini valve specially designed for application to small packaging such as fractional bags.

Part Number: PV-25-FV
Clear, integrated filter, designed for ground and whole bean coffee packaging up to 5 lbs.

Part Number: PV-425-FV
Clear, pre-oiled, integrated filter, designed for ground and whole bean coffee packaging up to 5 lbs.

Part Number: PV-33
Clear, designed for flexible coffee packaging up to 5 lbs.

Part Number: PV-18
Metalized for rigid and can coffee packaging.

Part Number: PV-84
Clear degassing vent for headspace elimination/packaged air.

Part Number: PV-452-FV
Clear, mini pre-oiled with integrated filter, designed for fractional packaging.

Part Number: PV-41
Metalized for flexible packaging.

Valve Applicator Systems

  • PVA-50™ – Semi-automatic valve applicator for pre-made bags and lids.
  • 150 Series – Automatic, intermittent or continuous motion valve applicator system with rates up to 150 valves per minute.
  • Custom Automatic, intermittent or continuous motion valve applicator system with rates of 300+ valves per minute.

Custom Engineered Equipment

PLITEK® custom engineers and fabricates specialty equipment to support our package degassing systems, including:

  • Custom applicators
  • Quality assurance systems
  • Custom web splicing equipment
  • Custom punching units
  • More

One-Way Degassing Valve Testers

One-Way Degassing Valve

Part Number: PVT-51
Flow tester for quick check to confirm sufficient air flow

One-Way Degassing Valve

Part Number: PVT-300
Measures degassing valve performance, hole punch, and valve placement

Explore PLI-VALV® Application Solutions

PLITEK® is registered to ISO 9001:2015.