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Flexible Materials

Thin gauge film, paper, foam, foil, adhesives, and specialty materials

With over 50 years of converting expertise, we have a thorough knowledge of the ways materials and adhesives interact. Leveraging our material science and technological expertise, in-house manufacturing capabilities, and partnerships with leading material suppliers, we can help select, source, and convert the most suitable materials for your application. With the ability to extrude films, coat adhesives, and release liners, we help streamline and secure the supply chain, shorten lead time, and customize materials offering low minimum order quantities.

Different materials and part designs require different converting approaches. Our converting capabilities have been set up to allow us to process a variety of materials and complex part geometries.

Whether you have specified the material, are looking for product performance improvement, or need customization, PLITEK® can help. We convert thin gauge films, papers, foams, foil, adhesives, and specialty materials that offer a wide range of performance characteristics.

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PLITEK® has the ability to convert a wide range of materials:

Flexible Materials Converting Capabilities
Flexible Materials and Adhesives

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PLITEK® Reduces Lead Time and Cost for a PCR Manufacturer

PLITEK® provides consolidated supply chain solution to a large PCR manufacturer resulting in reduction of lead time, shipping cost, and overall price per piece cost.

Wound Care Manufacturing

PLITEK® offers wound care manufacturing utilizing the following capabilities: clean room film extrusion, precision converting, slitting, laminating, and packaging. Innovative manufacturing capabilities, proven expertise, consistency, and strict quality standards keeps […]

PLITEK® Delivers Millions of Plastic Face Shields

PLITEK® Delivers Millions of Plastic Face Shields Extensive converting capacity is one reason a global auto company tasked us to manufacture and ship four million PPE plastic shields as part […]

PLITEK® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified global converting leader.