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What is a coffee valve?

A coffee valve, commonly known as degassing valve or outside valve is a one-way valve that is placed on the packaging of coffee beans or ground coffee. Coffee valve’s purpose is to allow the release of carbon dioxide gas naturally produced by the coffee beans during the roasting process, while preventing oxygen and moisture from entering the packaging.

Why use coffee valves?

After roasting, freshly roasted coffee beans release a large amounts of carbon dioxide for several days. If carbon dioxide is not allowed to escape, it can cause the coffee bag to expand or even burst. On the other hand, if oxygen enters, it can compromise the quality of the coffee causing it to go stale and lose its flavor.

How do one-way degassing valves work?

Upon reaching a certain internal pressure, one-way degassing valves open, permitting gas to escape. Without a valve, the carbon dioxide would build up inside the packaging, causing it to swell and potentially burst.

Simultaneously, the valve closes preventing oxygen and contaminants from entering the package. The presence of oxygen and moisture can cause coffee to become stale and lose its flavor. This is why coffee valves are essential for maintaining the freshness of coffee and extending its shelf life.

What is the importance of using a valve on coffee packaging?

While one-way degassing valves are a small component of the overall packaging, they play an important role in the coffee packaging process.

Without a one-way degassing valve, a substantial risk is present for carbon dioxide buildup, oxidation causing the potential of stale product, and/or loss of aroma. 

By allowing the release of carbon dioxide while keeping out oxygen and moisture, coffee valves help maintain the freshness of coffee and ensure a delicious cup every time.

Not to mention, valves ensure packaging remains intact instead of bloating or worse, bursting completely.

Multiple Coffee Valve Application Options

  1. Manual
    • Most suitable for low quantity packaging
  2. Semi-Automatic
    • Appropriate for pre-made coffee bags and lids
  3. High Speed
    • Available to install on form fill and seal equipment, with application rates from 50 to 300+ valves per minute

PLI-VALV® Degassing Valve Options

  • Clear – coffee packaging graphics remain intact without interference
  • Metalized – canned coffee packaging
  • Filtered – ground coffee packaging
  • Mini – small fractional packaging

PLI-VALV® Complete One-Way Degassing Systems

PLITEK® designs, manufactures, installs and services valve applicator systems. PLI-VALV® applicator systems installation can be on existing or new vertical or horizontal form fill seal equipment. Our applicators can apply from 50 to 300+ valves per minute, making it an efficient degassing solution.

There’s only one way to ensure your product quality – PLI-VALV® One-Way Degassing Valves

PLITEK® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified global converting leader.