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US-based, vertically integrated, precision die cutting and converting

Vertically-Integrated Manufacturing Provides Reliability, Saves Time

For over 50 years, PLITEK® has been an expert precision die cutting and converting manufacturer of components and converted materials to a broad range of markets. Through our expansive converting capabilities, we manufacture products and components from thin gauge films, plastics, foams, and adhesives

Our customers turn to us for streamlined manufacturing, material sourcing, and process control. We will work with you side-by-side from design assistance, material selection, and prototyping to high volume production.

Our US-based manufacturing and design operations are located near Chicago, a top logistics and manufacturing hub. Our reach is global, serving businesses in regional markets to companies with multinational supply chains.

Tailored Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions

Our state-of-the-art equipment, engineering team, and manufacturing experts provide value-add services and innovative solutions for existing production parts or new design development. By analyzing variables such as application, geometry, performance, and quality requirements, we will help you identify the best solution for your application. Our vertically integrated business model offers a wide range of solutions including custom film extrusion, precision die cutting, slitting, laminating, adhesive coating, release liner coating, pouching, and packaging. We employ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that helps streamline and automate supply chain and resource planning, allowing for a lean and efficient operation.  

Innovative PLI-VALV® Degassing Systems 

For over 30 years, PLITEK® has been manufacturing over 600,000,000 patented one-way degassing valves annually. PLI-VALV® products are used in a wide range of product packaging applications including coffee, pet food, vitamins, fruits and vegetables, products with yeast, and other products requiring gas evacuation from sealed packaging. One-way degassing valves release the excess gas while preventing oxygen from entering the package and damaging the packaged product. To enable the application of our one-way degassing valves, PLITEK® also designs, manufactures, installs and services valve applicator systems allowing packagers to apply our valves in-line on their existing or new packaging equipment.

PLI-VALV ONE Way Degassing Valves, Coffee Valves

Located Near Top Logistics Hub—Chicago  

Our manufacturing facility is strategically located near Chicago, a top logistics and manufacturing hub. From here, our reach is global, serving customers worldwide.

Experienced Engineers Serving Customers in Numerous Markets

Engineers and technical leaders representing a broad spectrum of markets turn to PLITEK® for innovative solutions for their applications. We offer extensive expertise in medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, industrial, and packaging markets.  

That expertise is also home-grown, where our engineers and technical leaders average 20 years of experience designing and producing high-quality products with us. But it’s our CEO, Karl Hoffman, who may have the longest tenure; he started at age 15.

Quality-Driven Processes Mean Satisfied Customers

When PLITEK®‘s CEO Karl Hoffman speaks about quality with employees he sets a high bar: “Make it with the customer in mind; make it right the first time.” This guiding principle is the fuel that drives us. Over 20 years ago PLITEK® was one of the first manufacturers in Illinois to achieve ISO 9001 certification, the industry’s gold-standard quality metric. Additionally, many of our engineering and manufacturing team members hold credentials in Lean Six Sigma practices.

Every project begins with asking questions to learn about your requirements, how the product will be used, and its application environment. Our sales engineers work closely with you to tailor tooling and manufacturing planning to exactly meet your product specifications and exceed quality expectations. 

We use numerous quality process tools to ensure PLITEK® manufactured components and products routinely exceed your customers’ expectations, which result in repeat orders. By following advanced product quality planning processes (APQP), for instance, we lower your manufacturing risk.

Besides APQP, we employ numerous other tools and processes to ensure your components exceed quality requirements:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that allows for a lean and efficient operation
  • Production Part Approval Processes (PPAP) validates first article inspection, equipment setup, and final part inspection.
  • Quality planning (Kickoff) meetings establish goals, set expectations, and share processes. 
  • Medical validation processes such as Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and  Performance Qualification (IQ OQ PQ) establish quality assurance protocols for each phase of the manufacturing process ensures processes and end products remain identical throughout your production run.
  • Plitek suppliers are held to high quality requirements.