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PLITEK® has over 50 years of experience die cutting components for consumer and industrial electronic devices including: white goods, mobile phones, PCs, laptops, servers, power supplies, gaming systems, LCD & multimedia displays, and much more.

Innovative manufacturing capabilities, proven expertise, consistency, and strict quality standards keeps PLITEK® a continual leader in manufacturing of die cut components and converted materials for the electronics industry.

We offer product development support, manufacture a small prototype quantity required for product validation, and produce high volume component quantities.

PLITEK® offers die cutting services in state-of-the-art ISO Class 8 (100,000) clean rooms available for every step of the manufacturing process. Materials and parts can be produced, inspected and packaged in the clean rooms to ensure parts are free of foreign particles and contamination that could impact product integrity.

PLITEK® is registered to ISO 9001:2015ISO 13485:2016, and is ITAR compliant manufacturer.

Precision Die Cut Components & Materials for Electronics

  • Die cut electrical insulation
  • Optical grade films & other lens components
  • Thermal management materials
  • Server window adhesives
  • Membrane switch components
  • Flex circuit components
  • Conductive adhesives
  • Surface protective films
  • Bonding & surface mount adhesives
  • Gaskets, spacers & shims
  • Shock, vibration, & noise dampeners
  • Moisture indicators & tamper evident seals
  • Nameplates & specialty labels
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electronics die cut components
Precision die cut components
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Thermal Management Components

Thermal interface materials provide a path for heat transfer between a heat-generating device and a cooling plate. PLITEK® manufactures thermal management components such as insulator pads, gap pads, and thermal transfer tapes.

Surface Protection

PLITEK® provides surface protective tapes and films. They are used to protect the product against scratching, abrasions, and environmental impact. Surface protection products can be supplied in roll or piece […]

Vertically Integrated Solution Reduces Lead Time and Cost to a PCR manufacturer

PLITEK® provides consolidated supply chain solution to a large PCR manufacturer resulting in reduction of lead time, shipping cost, and overall price per piece cost.

PLITEK® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified global converting leader.