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Automotive & Aerospace

Manufacturing components for the automotive and aerospace industry requires a high level of process control, quality, and tight tolerances. PLITEK®‘s converting capabilities, engineering expertise, and quality manufacturing offer solutions aerospace and automotive manufacturers can count on. We can manufacture a small prototype quantity needed for product validation to high volume.

PLITEK® is ISO 9001:2015 registered and ITAR compliant manufacturer.

Automotive & Transportation Applications

  • Painting & powder coating
  • Exterior trim & ornamentation
  • Interiors & seating systems
  • Air bag systems
  • Mirror systems
  • Door systems
  • Instrument panel assembly
  • Body surface protection
  • Buzz, squeak, and rattle management
  • Vibration control
  • Audio, navigation, and avionics systems
  • Part identification
  • Electrical & lighting systems
  • Power train & chassis
  • Windshield bonding

Components and Materials

  • Gaskets, flanges, and o-rings
  • Paint & powder coat masking die cuts, tapes, and papers
  • Bonding tapes & adhesives
  • Sound & vibration damping pads
  • Interior fasteners
  • Protective films
  • UHMW/felt squeak & rattle
  • Thermal & electrical insulators
  • Weather stripping
  • Body side molding tape
  • Film separators-dissimilar metals
  • Dust gaskets
Automotive and Aerospace components
Manufactured component for automotive and aerospace
automotive and aerospace manufacturing
Automotive and aerospace

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Surface Protection

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