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Did you know? One-Way Degassing Systems Retain Coffee Freshness

Coffee. A beverage many cannot do without in everyday routine.

A morning drink of choice to awaken the mind for the tasks ahead. A warm cup in the afternoon as a cozy refreshment sipped while finishing the balance of the day. Maybe even a mug with a delicious dessert. No matter the time of enjoyment, high-quality coffee is always desired.

Coffee Quality and Freshness

After roasting, coffee releases carbon dioxide. The off-gassing process is very rapid at first which poses risks of expanding coffee packaging to the extreme of bursting. To avoid this, the roasters have a choice of letting the coffee off-gas prior to packaging. However, not packaging roasted coffee immediately after roasting, exposes the roasted coffee to oxygen allowing it to negatively impact coffee freshness, aroma, flavor, and overall quality. allows oxygen to negatively impact coffee freshness, aroma, flavor, and overall quality.

The best solution is applying one-way degassing valves to coffee packaging to protect the quality and freshness of the roast. This tiny, but important, product will drastically impact the quality of coffee in your cup.

The enticing flavor and aroma of freshly brewed coffee cannot be achieved without proper degassing methods protecting roasted coffee.

What Impacts Coffee Quality and Freshness?

  1. Oxygen impacts coffee freshness as it can lead to oxidation of coffee.
  2. Packaging directly after roasting minimizes oxygen exposure. It also increases throughput efficiency.
  3. The type of roasted coffee impacts degassing and the length of time it will continue to degas.
  4. One-way degassing valves aid in the retention of coffee freshness. With one-way degassing valves on a package, the roasted coffee can be packaged immediately after roasting. This allows carbon dioxide to escape packaging while preventing oxygen from entering the packaging.

What is a Coffee Valve and its Function?

A coffee valve or a degassing valve is designed to allow the natural off-gassing cycle to occur inside a package without concern of exposure to oxygen or packaging bloat. The valves are constructed to allow gases to escape from sealed packaging while preventing oxygen from entering the package. Degassing valves improve coffee roaster’s efficiency by permitting coffee to be packaged immediately after roasting.

Coffee Valve Options

  • Clear – coffee packaging graphics remain intact without interference
  • Metalized – canned coffee packaging
  • Filtered – ground coffee packaging
  • Mini – clear valves designed with small packaging in mind

Efficient Solution: One-Way Degassing Valves

Upon reaching a certain internal pressure, one-way degassing valves open permitting gas to escape. Simultaneously, the valve closes preventing oxygen from entering the package.

PLI-VALV® Degassing Valves and Vents

PLITEK® manufactures one-way degassing valves and vents serving as an effective barrier to environmental oxygen, moisture, and contamination. The thin, externally applied valve technology keeps product intact, preserves coffee quality, and doesn’t interfere with packaging design.

PLI-VALV® Complete One-Way Degassing Systems

PLITEK® designs, manufactures, installs and services valve applicator systems. PLI-VALV® applicator systems are installed on existing or new vertical or horizontal form fill seal equipment. Our applicators can apply from 50 to 300+ valves per minute, making it an efficient degassing solution. 

PLI-VALV® Proven Results

To truly understand the issues our customers face when packaging their product, we replicate their processes to better understand the unique requirements and challenges. For instance, we have a small coffee roaster where we over roast green coffee to achieve highest levels of CO2 off-gassing. Coffee is immediately ground and packed into premade bags with a PLI-VALV® one-way degassing valve. Our engineering and quality teams then conduct a series of tests to validate the performance of each valve.

With our leading technology maximizing shelf life and coffee stability, we look forward to serving you with our professional knowledge, experience, and proven results.

PLITEK® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified global converting leader.