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Degassing Valves for Coffee Packaging

Degassing valves allow for co2 release from packaging while preventing oxygen and contaminants from getting inside the package.

Degassing Valves for Coffee Packaging

For over 30 years, PLITEK®’s one-way degassing valves have enabled coffee roasters to eliminate bulk degassing from their operation and preserve freshness and quality of their coffee. With billions used world-wide, PLI-VALV® valve technology is proven to allow freshly roasted coffee to naturally degass inside of hermetically sealed packaging while providing an effective barrier to environmental oxygen, moisture, and contamination.

In order to preserve freshness and quality, it is imperative to package the roasted coffee in a sealed package immediately after roasting. As freshly roasted coffee cools, it releases carbon dioxide gas which is commonly known as the degassing process. The degassing process can last a couple of days up to 10 days depending on the roast and roasting levels. Without the proper mechanism in place to release the carbon dioxide, coffee degassing inside of a sealed package will cause the package to swell and potentially burst. Freshly roasted coffee can be bulk degassed; however, the problem with this approach, in addition to tying up inventory and space, is that environmental oxygen and airborne contaminants cause the coffee to rapidly lose its freshness, flavor and aroma. This results in bitter tasting coffee sure to provide a lackluster experience to any coffee connoisseur.

Simple Solution

The solution is to employ the use of one-way degassing valves on packaging. The purpose of this product is to allow carbon dioxide gas from freshly roasted coffee to escape from the packaging while keeping environmental oxygen and contaminants from entering the package. The effectiveness is measured by oxygen levels in the bag with lower oxygen levels, resulting in better coffee freshness and consequently quality. The coffee industry range on the oxygen level is between 0.5-3.0% and will depend upon a number of factors: type of one-way valve used, film/material that it is applied to, location where it is applied on the package and whether nitrogen flushing is used.

PLI-VALV® one-way degassing valves offer outstanding opening and closing pressure, allowing for the best preservation of roasted coffee. PLI-VALV® one-way degassing valves are thin, transparent or metallized and designed to blend in without interfering with packaging graphics. With multiple engineered solutions, there is a PLI-VALV® solution suited for your coffee packaging.

It doesn’t matter whether you package roasted whole bean or ground, we have your degassing needs covered. Our valve line has been uniquely engineered to degass no matter the final coffee roast form. Preserving peak freshness is always a top priority.

PLITEK® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified global converting leader.