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Custom manufacturing medical packaging card prototypes in one week

Medical Packaging Cards

PLITEK®, a leading manufacturer of medical packaging cards, received an urgent request from a medical device manufacturer. The critical need was for packaging cards made from medical grade HDPE film. Due to the material’s long lead time, delivering prototypes would have taken numerous weeks surpassing the required time frame. PLITEK®’s ability to extrude medical grade film and create prototypes with a digital knife cutter allowed quick prototype development. As a result, the customer’s project was rapidly saved by utilizing in-house resources including ISO Class 8 Clean Rooms for the material extrusion. In just one week from the urgent packaging card request, PLITEK® custom extruded film and manufactured prototypes.

Prototype manufacturing success led to PLITEK® producing production volume parts for the medical device manufacturer. Quick turnaround being on the forefront, PLITEK® successfully decreased the lead time for “sourced” film from 8 to only 2 weeks. The significant reduction in lead time was successful by utilizing in-house extrusion capabilities achieving the necessary film thickness and color. The result allowed rapid product launch and added 10% in cost savings for the device manufacturer.

PLITEK® manufactures a variety of packaging cards/backer cards for a variety of medical applications. Our vertically integrated business model allows our customers the convenience of a streamlined manufacturing process along with process control and efficient timeline. We offer the ability and resources to begin our business relationship with small runs for prototype development, feasibility studies, and process validation to full-scale manufacturing. We can provide guidance with material selection and optimization to bring your idea to efficient full-scale manufacturing.  

PLITEK® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified global converting leader.