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PLITEK® Reduces Lead Time and Cost for a PCR Manufacturer

Success story in diagnostic device manufacturing

For a large volume polymerase chain reaction (PCR) diagnostic device manufacturer, PLITEK® provided consolidated supply chain solution including medical grade film extrusion per specification, precision die cutting three parts using optical registration and quality to produce one (set) which is then assembled in each PCR device. The challenge was to extrude a film from injection molding grade resin, per customer’s specification. Applying our material science and process expertise, we were able to deliver the desired solution.

Our vertical integration allowed our client to consolidate supply chain reducing shipping cost, lead time, and overall price per piece. PLITEK®‘s ability to complete IQ, OQ, PQ validation in time allowed the customer a faster market launch. PLITEK® worked closely with the client’s engineering, quality, and purchasing teams to provide validation and production quantities, on time, on quality, and below the target price. The production volume has been increasing 2021.

PLITEK® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified global converting leader.