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Special Olympics Airlift Kicks Off Bringing Athletes to Orlando

Over the weekend, 5,500 Special Olympics athletes and coaches arrived from all 50 states and the Caribbean in Orlando, FL. For the eighth year in a row, athletes and their coaches arrived in private jets. The aircraft comprising the Special Olympics Airlift (SOA) fleet has been orchestrated by Textron Aviation, and included Cessna Citations, Beechcraft King Airs, Premiers, Beech Jets, and Hawkers and the crew who volunteered their time to fly the athletes and their coaches from airports across the U.S. to the event.

One of the largest challenges athletes and coaches face are travel arrangements and expenses. In addition, for many athletes, this is their first time leaving their home state.

The ultimate mission of Special Olympics Airlift is to provide comfortable, efficient, and timely transport for qualified teams of athletes poised to compete in the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando, Florida from June 5th through 12th. The Special Olympics Airlift program makes it possible for the athletes to have a once-in-a-lifetime private aviation experience while allowing travel alongside teammates.

This is made possible by companies and individuals donating aircraft, time, and resources helping athletes arrive fully rested and ready to compete in the games. 

Plitek’s CEO, Karl Hoffman, was among those offering their support. He conducted a flight with athletes from Columbia, Missouri to Orlando, Florida. Even though the weather was extremely menacing, with a hurricane threat facing Miami and Orlando, the flight arrived safely ready for the exciting opportunity at the games.

PLITEK® is honored to have a CEO with a compassionate heart always willing to take the opportunity to help others.

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