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Thermal Management Gap Pad Solution – Case Study

Customer: Global Supplier of a Home Use PCR Device

Part: Thermally Conductive Filler

Material:  Silicone Thermal Gap Pad

Application: Home Use Diagnostic Device

Challenge/Scope: Customer, a large diagnostic device manufacturer, received FDA authorization for emergency use under an EUA for home diagnostic testing kits. Due to urgent and high demand, the customer needed to ramp up production quickly. The challenge was the initially specified thermal management gap pad material was only available in sheets and with limited availability. Further, initial pricing had been increased and exceeded the target price. The customer solicited bid proposals to find the most suitable thermal management material and cost solution. PLITEK® had the opportunity to participate in this project/bid proposal.

Solution:  Realizing sheet form is not suitable for efficient and scalable production, PLITEK® submitted bids on originally specified thermal gap pad material, researched, and recommended an alternate solution. The alternate thermal gap pad material was equivalent in performance with availability in sheet and roll form. PLITEK®’s quote for both sheet and rolls were the lowest price which prompted the customer to test the alternate thermal interface gap pad material urgently.

Working closely with the alternate material supplier, PLITEK® submitted die cut samples in less than three weeks and worked with the customer’s engineering team to provide the most efficient roll configuration solution. The collaboration between both groups increased parts per roll by 20% resulting in higher throughput for the customer by requiring fewer roll changes on automated equipment. PLITEK®’s internal manufacturing process maximized the material usage, allowing for material cost saving of 17%.

While the client tested (and approved) the alternate material, PLITEK® worked closely with the raw material supplier to build a robust supply chain and ensure availability. Due to the above and increased demand, the initial client order was doubled. PLITEK®’s manufacturing capacity allowed for increase in demand and delivery of much needed product on time.

thermal management gap pad

PLITEK® helped a global supplier of home use PCR devices. The resolved challenges included availability, time, and cost for a thermal interface management gap pad material. Contact us regarding your project and ways we can aid you.

PLITEK® is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified global converting leader.